Treadmill is a important exercising equipment, many people will have a treadmill at home, but you know what we should pay attention to while use a treadmill.
1. Running confidential used properly to be effective! For many busy at work do not have time to go the gym friends, treadmill is an effective time-saving fitness essential goods. But recently, there were reports that the treadmill has become the culprit causing sports injuries. There are about 50,000 people every year due to the use treadmills, exercise balls, jump rope, dumbbells and other sports equipment and injuries, including damage caused by the treadmill proportion majority, thousands of people will be so into the hospital emergency room. The most common injury is accidentally fell on the treadmill.
2. Warm up in advance. On treadmills do warm-up activities, or is likely to cause the thigh, calf muscle strain. Stretching, squatting, stretching the muscles, joints, flexion and extension can increase muscle temperature, so that the muscles become more flexible. Should be on the treadmill walking, jogging and other "dynamic" warm start, and gradually increase the amount of exercise, this process usually take 10-15 minutes.
3. Speed ​​setting is not too fast. Using the treadmill must first understand their movement limits. If you physically can not keep up, the set speed is quickly, then it is prone to rhythmic pace, it is easy to fall, this is the "novices" will encounter problems.
4. Movement not excessive. On a treadmill exercise time, exercise intensity according to the purpose for which. Jogging for half an hour or more will consume fat, more than one hour will consume proteins. Therefore, if the goal is to lose weight, exercise time is not too short, not too long, 40 minutes is appropriate.
5. Running confidential used properly to be effective! In addition, many people like to watch TV while running, it will distract you, the slightest mistake will hurt, especially those who are not familiar with the treadmill and exercise intensity older people.
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